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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AtlasTrend?

AtlasTrend is an online investment management service which provides everyone with access to simple worldwide investing. We bring you an engaging and transparent way to invest in trends worldwide such as the surge in online shopping.

What is a Trend Fund?

A Trend Fund is a managed investment scheme which invests in 8 to 12 strong listed international shares that benefit financially from a distinct worldwide trend that the AtlasTrend investment management team have identified as providing the basis for long term investment returns.

The trends that are available for investment include the Online Shopping Spree Fund, Splurging Baby Boomers Fund, Big Data Big Fund and the Healthy Lifestyle Fund.

Why invest in worldwide trends?

The Oxford Dictionary defines the word trend as “a general direction in which something is developing or changing”. Logically, the companies that either create or drive these trends should thrive. We believe picking the right trends and companies that benefit from those trends should lead to better long term investment returns.

What do I get as an AtlasTrend member?

AtlasTrend membership provides you with our insights on the leading world trends for investment and research on the underlying companies we have selected which benefit from these trends. 

Members can invest in the Trend Funds through our online platform, and receive transparent information on where your money is invested on a daily basis. AtlasTrend’s investment team will actively monitor and manage every Trend Fund you invest in. You will also receive annual tax statements to help prepare your tax returns.

How does AtlasTrend identify trends and pick stocks?

The AtlasTrend team have strong investment management experience, having managed over $2 billion for investors in listed international shares. What we all agree on is that the world is changing rapidly and the most successful companies are those that can quickly adapt to new trends. This belief forms the basis of how we find the right worldwide trends for investment.

We combine our own investment technology and our investment team’s fundamental research to find the right trends and stocks to invest in. We are always happy to share more information with our members on how we invest. Sign up to find out more.

Where will my money be invested?

Your money will be invested in a managed investment scheme which holds a collection of blue chip international listed companies benefiting from your chosen worldwide trends. 

Currently the Trend Funds do not include any companies that are listed in Australia or New Zealand because AtlasTrend’s offering is targeted at providing you with a simple and affordable way to invest in worldwide trends that are not easily investable in Australia.

Who are the Atlastrend Team?

AtlasTrend is led by 3 highly experienced co-founders supported by a number of other team members and advisory board members helping build and manage the business. We may all come from different backgrounds but we all share the same goal to bring simple worldwide investing to everyone. For more information on the AtlasTrend team, click here.

What is the minimum amount that I can invest with AtlasTrend?

We believe everyone should have easy access to investing worldwide. You can start investing from as little as $1,000 or $100 per month on a regular savings plan.

How can I track performance of my investments?

You can view and track your investments on a daily basis including your current holdings, and performance of Trend Funds you choose to invest in.

Is AtlasTrend regulated by the government?

Yes, Atlastrend Pty Ltd (ABN 83 605 565 491) is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 001233660) of Fundhost Limited (AFS License No. 233045) which is an Australian Financial Services License holder regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Each Trend Fund available for investment is registered as a managed investment scheme. In addition, each Trend Fund is offered for investment via a product disclosure statement containing all the details of the offer that you should consider in full before making any investment.

How are my investments held?

Each Trend Fund being a managed investment scheme is regulated by ASIC. All your investments for each Trend Fund are held in your own name when you invest with AtlasTrend. Working with an external responsible entity, Fundhost Limited, together we ensure the Trend Funds comply with all regulatory requirements and act in your best interest. 

All assets in a Trend Fund are held by an independent third party custodian and each Trend Fund is also audited on an annual basis. AtlasTrend only has the right to process instructions on your account when you agree for us to do so.

What steps are taken to secure my privacy?

The security and privacy of your personal and account information are very important to AtlasTrend. We take every precaution to protect your sensitive personal information which are fully encrypted and stored. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy.

What are the fees payable to AtlasTrend?

You can sign up for 30-day free membership which provides you access to our insights on world trends and information on listed international companies benefiting from these trends. To start investing, simply upgrade to a premium level of service with membership fees starting from $27 per month under our Plus Plan. 

To ensure AtlasTrend is working for you, unlike most other managed funds we do not receive any ongoing fund level management fees or performance fees. We only receive a performance based withdrawal fee when you actually make a profit from a Trend Fund you choose to invest in.

What is the investment performance of AtlasTrend's managed funds?

Since the funds' inception in November 2015, the AtlasTrend managed funds' relative performance to the MSCI World Net Total Return Index (AUD) are -6.78% to +3.33% (to 31 December 2016). Exact performance of each AtlasTrend managed fund is available by choosing to view the relevant fund at www.atlastrend.com/trends/.  As a historical measure, the MSCI World Net Return Index (AUD) has returned 11.42% per annum over the 3 years to 31 December 2016. Please do note returns are not guaranteed and past performance is not an indicator of future performance.

Start Investing

Can I try AtlasTrend without setting up an account?

Of course! It only takes a minute to sign up for a 30-day free membership which provides you with access to the members area of our website containing our insights on leading world trends available for investment including information on the underlying companies we have selected which benefit from these trends. 

To make an investment, you’ll need to upgrade to become a Plus Plan or Gold Plan member, read the product disclosure statement (PDS) and set up an investment account by completing an application. 

Why is there a membership fee?

Right now in the investment management industry it is very difficult for investors to obtain information on what particular investment funds have specifically invested in. Usually this is because fund managers are trying to avoid other people “copying” their investment decisions.

However, we think you should always have fully transparent information on where your money is invested because after all, it is your money. Not only does AtlasTrend membership (starting from $27 per month under our Plus Plan) provide you with full information on all the companies within a Trend Fund, it also has a host of other benefits such as no management fees payable to us and online access to track your investments daily.

How do I start investing with AtlasTrend?

AtlasTrend Plus and Gold members can start investing from as little as $1,000 (or $100 a month on a monthly savings plan) by simply reading the product disclosure statement (PDS) and completing an application. 

Once you sign up to become an AtlasTrend member, we will guide you through the simple steps.

I want to invest on a monthly savings plan. How do I apply and when will my transactions get processed?

You only need $100 to start investing on a monthly savings plan. As an AtlasTrend Plus or Gold member you can simply select this option through the online application in your secure members’ area of the website. On the 15th of each month or the following business day if it falls on a weekend, the amount of money you have elected (minimum $100) will be taken from your nominated bank account to be invested in the Trend Fund(s) that you’ve chosen. 

Every quarter you will receive a statement of your transactions stating the unit price of your monthly investments and the number of units you have been assigned. You can also track all processed transactions online.

Will I receive distributions?

Distributions are payable annually typically within 20 business days of 30 June.  Distributions are reinvested as additional units in your Trend Fund or you can choose to have it paid out as cash to your nominated bank account depending on your preference as indicated in the investment application form.

Is currency hedging applied to AtlasTrend funds?

No, Trend Funds are unhedged. The collection of international shares held by the Trend Fund already provide a diversified currency exposure since most of these companies earn revenue across many countries.

How can I track the performance of my investments?

You can see all relevant information including your current holdings, daily unit prices and performance by logging into your account.

What's to keep me from paying the membership fee and replicating a Trend Fund by trading in the shares directly with a broker?

Nothing, you're welcome to trade directly in the underlying international shares yourself through your own broker if you prefer. However, AtlasTrend membership provides you with access to professionally managed investment funds which we call Trend Funds, with each Trend Fund providing exposure to 8 -12 international shares. This means for the same dollar amount of investment, you will get exposure to more companies than if you bought the shares of one or two underlying companies yourself. You can buy or sell Trend Funds as often as you like with no additional transaction costs payable to us. You will also receive annual Tax Statements for all your investments with AtlasTrend, making it a simpler process to manage your investments.

Does the management team invest in the Trend Funds?

Yes, the founders and associated parties have personally invested substantial monies in the Trend Funds alongside AtlasTrend members.

How can you cover so many international companies?

The AtlasTrend team has a strong track record of investment management experience, having managed over $2 billion for investors in listed international equities. The investment team has a number of senior members who all have substantial investing experience across major global markets.

We combine our investment team’s experience with the use of a technology system we have developed to help us find the right companies to invest in. This system automates a significant proportion of the traditional investment process allowing the investment team to focus time on the key investment trends and the underlying companies exposed to those trends. Every day, the system analyses over 150,000 data points in relation to thousands of large listed companies around the world. The result of this narrows our focus to a smaller number of companies, which we then focus our research on internally before they are considered for investment by the Trend Funds.

I want to invest more than the maximum under my membership plan. How can I do this?

Once the value of all your holdings with AtlasTrend exceeds the maximum investment amount under your membership plan, you can increase your investments by upgrading to another membership plan. If you would like to invest more than the $250,000 maximum amount under our Gold Plan, please contact us at info@atlastrend.com and we would be happy to work with you to tailor a membership service that meets your investment objectives.


What is a transaction?

This is when you either buy units (by completing an application) or sell units (by completing a withdrawal request) in a Trend Fund.

When can I make a transaction?

You can make a transaction on a Business Day when banks are open for business in Sydney, Australia (which means a day other than a Saturday, Sunday, public or bank holiday).

What unit price will my transactions be made at?

If we receive your correctly completed application to invest and monies or a correctly completed withdrawal request, then we generally process these each business day using the unit price effective for that day. 

If your request is received before 4pm Sydney time it will be processed using the unit price effective for that day. If your request is received after this time, or on a non-business day, it will be processed based on the unit price of the next business day.

Applications to invest will be processed based on the Entry Unit Price for the relevant day. Withdrawal requests will be processed based on the Exit Unit Price for the relevant day.

Why is the Entry Unit Price and Exit Unit Price different, and what is the buy-sell spread?

You will incur a buy-sell spread when you make a transaction. The buy-sell spread includes 0.25% buy costs built into a Trend Fund’s Entry Unit Price and 0.25% sell costs built into a Trend Fund’s Exit Unit Price. The buy-sell spread are not fees payable to AtlasTrend and is retained in the Trend Fund to cover the cost of buying or selling the underlying shares in a Trend Fund.

How do I increase my holdings in a Trend Fund or invest in another Trend Fund?

You can make additional investments by logging into your account and completing an application request. Once the required application form and cash for your application request has been received into the Trend Fund’s bank account, your request will be processed and you will be issued with a confirmation and holding statement.

How do I sell some or all of my holdings in a Trend Fund?

You can sell your holdings in a Trend Fund by logging into your account and making a withdrawal request. Your request will be processed and the net cash will be deposited into your nominated bank account. Depending on your bank account, a withdrawal request will typically take up to 7 Business Days to process before you receive cash in your bank account.

How do I cancel my AtlasTrend membership?

You can cancel your AtlasTrend membership at any time by contacting us or logging into your account and clicking on the blue Help & Support button on the bottom right to send us a message. 

We will send you an email to confirm your cancellation request. Once we receive your confirmation, we will process your cancellation. Any existing holdings in Trend Funds you own at the time of cancellation will need to be sold by you before the membership cancellation becomes effective. If you are on a monthly membership, your AtlasTrend membership will end at the end of the month in which you made your last membership fee payment. 

What is the minimum amount I can buy or sell?

We believe everyone should have easy access to international investments. Therefore, you can start investing from as little as $1,000 (or $100 on a monthly savings plan) in each Trend Fund. 

You can make additional investments of $1,000 in each Trend Fund at any time, or $100 per month as a monthly savings plan. 

You can request to sell your units in a Trend Fund by making a minimum withdrawal request of $1,000 at any time.


What are the fees and charges to invest in a Trend Fund?

You are free to use our service to access our insights on leading world trends and full information on portfolio companies we have selected which benefit from these trends with no fees payable to us for the first 30 days. You can start investing in one or more Trend Funds available for investment by paying us a membership fee starting from $27 per month. 

AtlasTrend receives a withdrawal fee only when you make money on a Trend Fund you choose to invest in. Unlike other typical performance fee structures which are payable annually (sometimes half-yearly) regardless of whether you actually received profits in your hands, this fee is only payable when you have sold your holdings in a Trend Fund and made a cash profit. The amount is calculated as 15% of any pre-tax gains (including any distributions that have already been paid to you or reinvested in the Trend Fund) you make at the time you sell your holdings.

There are no other fees payable to AtlasTrend when your money moves in or out of the Trend Funds and we receive no ongoing fees for managing your investment.

What other fees will I incur?

Each Trend Fund incurs a 0.10% p.a. capped ordinary expense recovery for the administrative costs of operating the Trend Fund such as the cost of auditors. This does not fully cover all the administrative costs but AtlasTrend will pay for any remaining ordinary expense costs. 

Other service fees (such as cheque charges or international funds transfers) may apply.

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