Easy Global Investing in Rapidly
Growing Industries

Pursue growth & diversify your portfolio in funds built around fast-growing companies like
Amazon & Google. Start investing from as little as $100/month.

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Build an Expert Investment Portfolio

Build your wealth with globally diversified, professionally managed funds
- start investing from as little as $100/month.

Diversified funds based on growing trends

Get easy access to multiple investment funds built around growing industries - so you can build your wealth like an expert.

And with success stories like Alphabet (Google), Amazon, IBM, eBay, Expedia & Facebook as part of our investments, you can feel confident in your portfolio.

  • It's like owning a small part of these big businesses, without paying thousands for a single stock.
Diversified funds
Track record of fund performance

Investment performance since launch (9 November 2015) to 28 February 2018 has seen a +35.99% return in the AtlasTrend Online Shopping Spree Fund (equal to +14.25% p.a.).

Investment returns are not guaranteed. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

Know exactly where your funds are going

Each fund typically has 8-12 global blue chip stocks in hand-picked, innovative companies.

Become a Smarter Investor

Make expert investment decisions with The Atlas

Diversified funds

Great access to international stocks and global trend investing, managed by professionals. I love the easy process and transparency.

Customer- Lisa, Doctor

Get exclusive access to member only insights with The Atlas

The Atlas is our carefully curated information resource, where world-class investors discuss how industry events, acquisitions & global expansions may impact your investments.

Meet Astro, your personal voice activated digital assistant

Astro helps you check-in on your investments, improve financial literacy and stay ahead of the global investing curve through on-demand access to components of The Atlas, AtlasTrend’s database of financial know-how.


AtlasTrend began in 2015 to help investors
learn & invest with purpose in long term, global trends

AtlasTrend has helped over 3000 new & experienced investors learn / invest with purpose in long-term world trends since November 2015.

We aim to provide transparent, honest and sound investment insights to our users.

And because of that philosophy, we've been featured in various leading tech & investment magazines, as well as being a finalist in the 2017 Fintech Business Awards.

Aside from the team doing a great job in relation to financial performance they also have set an excellent standard in investor communications.

CustomerSteve, Entrepreneur

AtlasTrend connects the dots between what you read in Wired or the Economist. It even finds global stocks for you to invest in.

Customer- AtlasTrend User

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