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Smart and hassle-free global investing

Diversify your investments in a portfolio of international shares built around thriving world trends.

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Transparent, Easy to Use and Accessible

Exclusive Access to Invest

in our professionally created and managed AtlasTrend world trend managed funds (“Trend Funds”).

Proprietary Investment Insights

without any jargon on all the blue chip international listed companies each Trend Fund invests in (even if you haven’t invested yet).

Full Transparent Information

on what each Trend Fund invests in everyday (even if you haven’t invested yet), unlike nearly all other managed funds which don’t reveal this information.

Affordable, Hassle Free Investing

with membership access starting from $27 per month, low minimum investments and we make investing easy.

Secure Online Access

using bank level 256-bit encryption so you always know exactly where your money is invested and how much it is worth.

No Additional Management Fees

payable to us to save you money, up to 0.1% ordinary fund expense recovery and a withdrawal fee only when you make a pre-tax profit from your investment.

Become an AtlasTrend member

Sign up to get insights on leading world trends, listed international companies which benefit from these trends, and why we believe it’s the basis for a long term investment return. There is no obligation for you to invest.

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Low minimum investment

Start investing from $1,000 or $100 on our monthly investment plan. International equities managed funds typically have a higher minimum investment.

track your trend

track your trend

Invest in trends you believe in

Choose from our growing world trend managed funds.

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Track your investments anywhere

Professionally manage your investments online anywhere and we provide you with annual tax statements to make tax reporting easy.

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