How we
manage your money

Long-term structural trends with global impact and strong growth characteristics.


Combining technology + human experience

Our investment process

We take a thematic approach to investing based on our core belief that the world’s megatrends produce attractive economic environments for the companies driving them.

Not to be confused with fads, long-term global trends are driven by disruptive forces such as technological change, industry structure and shifting consumer beliefs. These factors drive corporate earnings growth and ultimately lead to an increase in share price over the long term.

To capture the growth, we open our investment universe to stocks with over US$1 billion market capitalisation, listed on developed market stock exchanges (excluding Australia & NZ).

We’ve designed a disciplined, methodical investment approach which uses a combination of top-down macroeconomic and bottom-up company analysis.

We believe the consistent implementation of this investment process is pivotal in generating long-term value for our investors.

How it works


We identify a long-term, structural theme with global impact and strong growth characteristics. This aids in defining the portfolio universe for each of our managed funds (called Trends).


We carefully build the portfolio using our full suite of capabilities and tools to screen, identify and conduct fundamental research on new shares to buy for our Trends.


As markets and companies move on a day-to-day basis, our investment team are there to monitor positions and exposures – reacting and executing on opportunities when they present themselves.

"We believe our investment process is simple for our clients to understand, which is important to us as we want them to know exactly how carefully we manage their money. Markets may change but our philosophy and process will always stay intact."

Kevin Hua, AtlasTrend Co-Founder

Kevin Hua AtlasTrend Co-Founder

Invest membership includes

  • Diversified portfolio of international shares
  • Low minimums – $100 monthly / $1,000 lump sum
  • Access to investment team
  • Fundamental stock research & active management
  • Full portfolio disclosure – what we've invested in and why
  • Access to 'The Atlas' – your personal hub of investing know-how
  • Online performance tracking
  • Annual tax statements
  • 1.09% yearly

    management fee and costs (including ordinary expenses paid
    to third parties capped at 0.10% yearly), plus 15% performance fee
    if we outperform the Index and make a positive return since the last performance fee was paid


    Discover all the stocks we invest in
    and expert insights free for 7 days.

    The performance fee is only on the excess return above
    the MSCI World Net Total Return ex-Australia Index (in AUD).

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