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Australia is an amazing country, but we make up less than 3% of the world share market, and our stock exchange (ASX) is largely dominated by the ‘big four’ banks, telcos, and resources companies. When you look beyond our borders, it’s easier to see the bigger picture – there are a handful of trends impacting how we live now and in the future.

How it works

Pick a Trend you believe in

Build your investment portfolio from a selection of managed funds called Trends made up of international shares.

Flexible investment options

Invest globally from $1,000 lump sum, automate your contributions from $100 monthly or do a bit of both.

Track performance 24/7

Keep tabs on everything from how your Trend is performing to what's behind each investing decision.

Explore our Trends

Our managed funds are built around these global megatrends. Each one is filled with 10-15 innovative companies fuelling the Trend's long-term growth prospects. Simply choose the Trend you love, we manage the rest.

Big Data Big
Big Data Big

Investing in the exponential growth of our digitised world.

Sample companies
  • Alphabet ("Google")
  • Apple Inc.
  • Clean Disruption
    Clean Disruption

    Investing in a cleaner, greener world.

    Sample companies
  • BYD Co
  • Vestas Wind Systems
  • Online Shopping Spree
    Online Shopping Spree

    Investing in the e-commerce revolution.

    Sample companies
  • FedEx Corporation

  • Invest membership includes

  • Diversified portfolio of international shares
  • Low minimums – $100 monthly / $1,000 lump sum
  • Access to investment team
  • Fundamental stock research & active management
  • Full portfolio disclosure – what we've invested in and why
  • Access to 'The Atlas' – your personal hub of investing know-how
  • Online performance tracking
  • Annual tax statements
  • 1.09% yearly

    management fee and costs (including ordinary expenses paid
    to third parties capped at 0.10% yearly), plus 15% performance fee
    if we outperform the Index and make a positive return since the last performance fee was paid


    Discover all the stocks we invest in
    and expert insights free for 7 days.

    The performance fee is only on the excess return above
    the MSCI World Net Total Return ex-Australia Index (in AUD).

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    Invest FAQ

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    How does the 7-day trial work?

    When you sign up to AtlasTrend, you gain access to everything you need to understand what you’d be investing in and why – it’s your hard-earned money after all. You can browse member-exclusive investing insights, plus uncover all the international shares each Trend invests in.

    Member access is free for 7 days. No credit card required, cancel anytime.

    Once your trial period is over, start investing to continue accessing all the member benefits. If you’re not quite ready to invest yet, you can join our Learn membership from $9 a month.

    How is my money invested?

    Our team of experts harness their many years of financial markets experience to identify trends with strong, long-term growth prospects and global impact. They then build funds around these trends, and fill them with leading companies driving or creating the growth.

    Internally-developed tech helps us make sense of the investing universe – any company listed on developed market stock exchanges worth more than US$1 billion. It analyses ~150,000 data points (5,000 companies x 30 factors like valuation and profitability) so we have quality, non-biased information to rank the stocks.

    Our investment team takes over and conducts deep fundamental analysis on the top stocks fuelling the growth of each Trend to create optimal portfolios. We actively manage each Trend, keeping a close watch on relevant news for each company, and look out for opportunities to trade shares to maximise returns and manage risk.

    Who is managing my money?

    AtlasTrend’s investment team has 50+ years combined financial markets experience, and 22 years direct investing experience having managed over $1 billion for investors. Meet our team.

    How have the Trends performed?

    You can find investment performance details on all the Trends here .

    What are the fees and charges to invest?

    1.09% yearly management fee and costs (including ordinary expenses paid to third parties capped at 0.10% yearly), plus trigger-based performance fee. If the Trends outperform the MSCI World Net Total Return ex Australia Index (in Australian dollars) and the return since the last performance fee was paid is positive, 15% of the outperformance is payable to AtlasTrend.

    There are no establishment, contribution, withdrawal or exit fees.

    Visit our FAQ for more information about the fees and charges.

    How does the performance fee work?

    The performance fee is equal to 15% of the outperformance of the Trend against the MSCI World Net Total Return ex Australia Index (in Australian dollars), subject to a ‘high water mark’. The high water mark ensures the performance fee is only ever payable if all these conditions are met: (a) the Trend performs better than the Index, and (b) the return is positive since the last performance fee was paid.

    For example only, if the Trend increases 10% in value over the year and the Index is up 7% for the same period, the Trend has outperformed by 3%. If you invested $1,000 then your investment would be worth $1,100 after a year. The outperformance is $30 (being 3% of $1,000) so the performance fee payable to AtlasTrend is $4.50 (being 15% of $30).

    Is AtlasTrend regulated and are my investments secure?

    Atlastrend Pty Ltd (ABN 83 605 565 491) is a Corporate Authorised Representative (No. 001233660) of Fundhost Limited (AFS License No. 233045) which is an Australian Financial Services License holder regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

    Each Trend being a managed investment scheme is regulated by ASIC. All your investments for each Trend are held in your own name when you invest with AtlasTrend.

    Working with an external responsible entity, Fundhost Limited, together we ensure the Trends comply with all regulatory requirements and act in your best interest.

    All assets in a Trend are held by an independent third party custodian (National Australia Bank) and each Trend is also audited on an annual basis.